A Powerful Experience

Boris Becker Tennis | I introduced myself to the tennis world back in 1985 with my first Wimbledon victory. A lot has happened and changed since, but there is one thing that remains the same: my love for tennis. Now I am taking on a new challenge with the same passion I have brought to center court: building a new tennis brand that bears my name. i am proud to present BORIS BECKER TENNIS.

On Court Experience meets High-Tech | Passionate, dynamic and powerful – these are the attributes from my playing style that we are transferring to the BORIS BECKER TENNIS brand. More than 15 years of experience as a professional tennis player and the expertise of my excellent research and development team in Germany, has and will be able to design the best possible equipment for today’s tennis players. It is the perfect match!

The Serveman | Whenever people hear the name Boris Becker, they think of my serve: the way I throw the ball in the air and get ready to strike it. It is a move that is as unique as my fingerprint. Just like I built my game around my serve, the SERVEMAN becomes the powerful new symbol of BORIS BECKER TENNIS. It is a vital part in positioning the brand in the market. Using the uniqueness of my service motion in communicating our brand sends a strong message to the market: A recognizable brand needs a strong first serve.