With the more developed player in mind, the DC London Tour offers appealing characteristics, providing excellent feel with low powered control. Players that can dial in the sweetspot of this 93 square inch head will reap the rewards of pinpoint placement and court penetrating shots. Our testers found this stick to be very control oriented from the baseline. Having a low swingweight allows for easily found racquet head speed while swinging out and keeping the ball inside the court is frequently resulted. At net, the headlight balance, combined with its stability provide a solid feel with excellent touch. Hard hit shots are handled with minimal torquing and good comfort. On serve, the easily managed swingweight helps power through the ball for effective velocity while still maintaining control. Offering a player's stick feel, the DC London Tour with it's small but pure sweetspot benefits the player with refined strokes.

Advanced juniors ages 11 and older who are looking for control and power with a comfortable feel will find it with the London Junior Racquet. At 26.8 inches long, this performance racquet is just shy of a full length adult racquet. With the Vibration Absorber Handle, the London Junior offers good dampening and comfort. The racquet also features a 100 square inch headsize, 9 ounce weight, and 16×18 string pattern. DC MELBOURNE The new racquet choice of 3x Wimbledon, 2x Australia and  US Open Champion, Boris Becker. The Delta Core Melbourne features awesome control for the advanced player in mind. Unmatched torsional stability and shock dampening makes this the ultimate player‘s frame. Grip size 1 – 5 Item number B11507 Head size 630cm2 | 98 in2 Cross section 20 mm Weight 325 g | 11.5 oz Length 68.5 cm | 27 in Balance 31.5 cm | 1.1 in HL String pattern 18 x 20 String tension 25 (±2) kg/55 (±5)lbs Technology: |Sensor Tour Handle System| |Cushtac Grip| |DeltaCore, Carbon-Graphite, Fiberglass|